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Text based search for sequence, mapping, snp data etc: Secure BLAST search against different public databases or non-public sequence data stored in GabiPD. >> go >>
Visualisation of genetic or physical maps. >> go >> View interactive 2D-gels and view or download information for identified protein spots. >> go >>

GabiPD has been succeeded by PlabiPD which was also funded by the BMBF. Funding information for GabiPD can be found here.

We kindly ask users to cite the following paper when publishing results derived from the use of GabiPD:
Riaño-Pachón DM, Nagel A, Neigenfind J, Wagner R, Basekow R, Weber E, Mueller-Roeber B, Diehl S and B Kersten (2009) GabiPD: the GABI primary database – a plant integrative ‘omics‘ database. Nucleic Acids Research 37(Database issue):D954-9.

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