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GabiPD Services

GABI Primary Database offers services to all GABI participants:

Sequence Clip
•Base calling, vector and quality clipping from your raw sequence data (trace files) can be done by GabiPD.
•Send your sequence data to GabiPD and BLAST searches against public or GabiPD sequence are done by GabiPD staff.
BLAST reports can be analyzed, e.g. identification of hits against certain genes, isolation of best BLAST hits etc.
GenBank Submission
•All sequence data submitted to GabiPD can be reformated and prepared for GenBank submission by GabiPD staff.
•Affymetrix Identifier from the Affymetrix Arabidopsis chips are assigned to AGI gene code (TIGR5) by BLASTN.
Download the results from our webpage.
Data Management
•GabiPD supports GABI participants to process and manage data. Output files from any programms can be analyzed and transfered to readable formats (e.g. MS EXCEL).
Björn Usadel:
Tel.: + 49-(0)241-80-26634

Axel Nagel or Doreen Pahlke:
Tel.: +49-(0)331-567-8722

GabiPD Webmaster